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On average, over 51% of businesses leverage marketing automation software solutions to generate qualified leads and 58% of B2B business enterprises are planning to invest in platforms to get their marketing tasks automated. The integration of automation CRM is complex to configure and requires expertise to manage campaigns, requiring a reliable partner to assist with concrete technology foundation and strategic marketing automation consulting.

Cadre Scout's marketing automation services enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition by configuring and integrating platform-based and custom marketing automation software solutions. With the right strategy and optimization, our services with platforms help businesses in lead nurturing, personalizing customer journey, integrating sales and marketing departments, and maximizing the ROI.

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Marketing Automation Strategy

We can help you see the big picture of what’s possible with marketing automation and how it can advance business interests and unleash new avenues for growth.


Marketing Automation Audits and Assessments

The fail points in marketing automation are too many to count. Perfect for those who believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


Marketing Automation Procurement Support

Caveat emptor. Shelfware syndrome is a real thing. Don’t let it happen to you when you buy marketing automation software.


Marketing Automation Setup and Launch

The race is won or lost at the starting gate. Our marketing automation kickstart will set you up for a win.


Marketing Automation Platform Ports and Rebuilds

We’re familiar with every possible port and rebuild for Marketo, Hubspot and Pardot. Tap our experts for help with marketing automation platform migrations.


Marketing Automation Optimization

If your marketing automation isn’t getting substantially better with each passing month, you’re lagging behind the competition. Let us help you get better results with less effort and less pain.

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